January – week 2

deep purple sky

counting the stars

and my blessings


if you must

outshine me, Venus,

be the silver pin

that keeps in place

this swatch of indigo


winter wind…

the dead heads of rhododendrons

come to life



the day around —

treecreeper     *


my mother’s birthday…

we think of the kingfisher

that has graced this stream


blue tits

on the bare willow,

dabs of summer sky…

she steps back from the moment,

writes her name in the east


he puts his hand

in the fox’s footprint…

a smile


across his face


awake before you

I watch the light

come into your face…

with buds at her fingertips

spring stirs the naked trees



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2 Responses to January – week 2

  1. matt says:

    claire and amy, all fine stuff here and “if you must” is exceptional! matt

    • claireamy says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Matt. I’m delighted to know that you have enjoyed our words. Three weeks in, it’s a challenge, but we are enjoying watching the year -and our words-unfold.

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