February – week 1

a pocket of sunshine

in this grey day —

first snowdrops


first milk…

folding back the red silk sheet

of sunrise,

in the last drops of moonlight,

the blue-white curve of her breast


spring is so near

and yet so far…

the wind

asks the leaves

to dance with her


on the boughs

where sycamore seeds

hung their wings

new buds at first light…

how she reminds me of you


is there anything

stronger than love?

in the harsh wind and rain

a collared dove

waits for her lover’s return



your favourite place —



February wind

all the leaves

take flight again


dove on the bough

pushed by the rain-strewn wind…

hair fanned gold

swinging on the garden seat,

a memory of summer



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1 Response to February – week 1

  1. Scent of my heart says:

    oh, I so dream of spring and summer too … February and the winds ..I wish them gone. Nice poem!

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