February – week 3

sun on willow catkins…

the robin’s throat

pulses with song



the stillness of bamboo…

the salt taste

of his tears

before they well


February rain…

winter jasmine cascades

over a garden wall


the stem of life

pulsing at her milk-white wrist

the granddaughter

you never knew

nurtures your love of snowdrops


the humbled voice

of the snowdrops

in their first spring…

we are here

no matter how small


a touch of spring…

in two shakes of a lamb’s tail

hazel catkins



to the brook’s riddles

a moorhen and I       *



a history of tanka…

against the window

each swollen raindrop

bursts with birdsong


* Amy heard this week that she had won first prize with this haiku in a world-wide competition for 4-18 year olds :


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2 Responses to February – week 3

  1. Dena says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your poetry. Thank you.

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