March – week 2

March rain

falls twice over —

half a dozen starlings

scatter droplets

from the willow’s limbs


at dawn

the thrum of starlings’ wings

the first rush of spring

felt in our veins…

we awaken together


after the rain

the promise of spring

swells in the lilac buds


the cup filled

to overflowing…

thirsty for spring

a chaffinch

empties its breast of song


sallow tree…

the chaffinch’s song

fills the gaps

that the catkins

have not


for she who waits…

in its cygnet-grey buds

does the willow feel

ripples of summer light,

a swan on the water?


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4 Responses to March – week 2

  1. Miriam Sagan says:

    If you ever have a piece you particularly love and would like re-blogged, do send it to me…

    • claireamy says:

      I will gladly do that, Miriam. If there is a piece you partcularly like, as the year progresses, we would be honoured if you were to re-blog it. It is quite difficult being subjective when we are so involved in this project!
      Very Best Wishes,
      Claire and Amy

  2. Miriam Sagan says:

    I love this collaborative element–how are you doing this–is it linked tanka?

    • claireamy says:

      Miriam, what a delight and an honour it is to have you visit our blog!
      Amy(13) and I are writing tanka – sometimes haiku – in response to each other, having been inspired by Amelia Fielden & Kathy Kituai’s ‘In Two Minds’ and other similar collaborative works. I write a poem -be it tanka or haiku – and Amy writes in response..wherever my poem takes her. Sometimes the link is quite apparent, at other times, it may be very subtle.
      It is quite a challenge, as Amy is so young, but we love writing together and I think the mother-daughter bond adds a special quality to the work we produce. We have tried sequences before over on our Spider Tribe blog, responding to the seasons and celebrations within the wheel of the year and thought we’d like to branch out into something more challenging!
      The aim is to blog our poems weekly and we hope to perhaps produce a booklet of a selection of the year’s poems in aid of a wildlife charity dear to Amy’s heart…but that’s for the future.
      Thank you again for taking the time to read our work and to comment.
      Very Best Wishes,
      Claire and Amy

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