May – week 2

rain and sun ~

a starling disappears

into her gutter~nest



the silhouettes of two birds

crossing the sunrise…

my childlike heart

when I’m with you


nest~box camera ~

we wait

in anticipation

of the next beak~full

of moss


heard on the breeze

the wide-open chirps

of hungry chicks…

I tilt back my head,

down a glass of sunlight


through binoculars

a cormorant’s beak

tucked into his breast


glowering skies

two cormorants

dry their wings


hectic household ~

through the window

a thrush

dips her head

to drink


facing the wind

but still we dare to dream…


ahead of us on the path

a pair of yellow wagtails


amongst gulls

the golden summer plumage

of godwits


give me the words

to ring this day

and year after year

I’ll watch it return

on wings of memory

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3 Responses to May – week 2

  1. Steve says:

    Lovely capture of all the birds I often see on visits over to Wilstone Reservoir – binoculars hanging and dog running 🙂 – lovely poem both of you 🙂

    • claireamy says:

      Steve and EdJo thank you both for your lovely comments and for taking the time to visit our blog. EdJo, I’m so pleased that you find so much enjoyment in our little mum-daughter project. We’re hoping to do something constructive with it at a later date to benefit a wildlife charity dear to Amy’s heart.

  2. Edjo says:

    these wonders of Mother Nature keep surprising me – more beautiful than a painting – more precious than a symphony. Thanks for lending your eyes and ears and thoughts

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