May – week 3


our empty nest box ~

the chirping of blue tit chicks

in the shop-sign nest


how the house creaks

catching its breath on silence

as night

smooths your pillow and tucks in

the shape of your absence


yet to gain

a fear of humans

a starling fledgling

shakes rain from its feathers

a foot away


you always said

I was too sensitive

for this world…

through the cracks in the pavement

wild violets


they too

have found another use

for something old…

blue tits nest in the

second~hand shop’s sign


my life is the coat

I hang at the gateway

to the hawthorn lane…

at my feet, a robin

pecking at crumbs


late May

the hum of starling fledglings

taking their first flight


morning twilight

in a lion wind

Parvati dances alone

a dozen starlings

on each arm

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