June ~ week 1

summer rain —

the red throats

of swallows


where the branch

reaches across the lake…

after the rain

three swallows dry

the ink of their wings


a fly’s death —

the single twist

of a swift’s wing



from dawn until dusk

eating on the wing…

still no rest

clinging to a wall of dreams


am I

or the ducklings

more surprised?

the wide-eyed stare

of a fox


the baying of hounds

in the next life…


does my son remember

this wish to be a fox?


flitting lazily

flower to flower

the shadow’s butterfly



the blue of forget-me-nots

when the crow lifts…

and a butterfly

out-dancing its shadow


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1 Response to June ~ week 1

  1. Miriam Sagan says:

    A rich collection!

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