Claire and Amy (Mum and daughter..and Amy is only 13 at the start of this project) regularly tweet short form poetry on Twitter as @ThoseThr3Words and @Nature__Lover.

We also have a blog over at http://earthshinedotcom.wordpress.com/ for poetry, photography and art work celebrating the wheel of the year.

Claire has had poems published in Simply Haiku, American Tanka, Magnapoets, Lyrical Passion Poetry, Haiku News and Mainichi Daily News and won 2nd and 3rd prize and an honourable mention in the international Think Tanka 2010 competition. So far, she has work scheduled to appear in 2011 in Moonbathing, Atlas Poetica, Eucalypt, Acorn, Lynx, Red Lights, Simply Haiku, Haiku Presence, Gusts, Ribbons, Prune Juice, Blithe Spirit, Notes from the Gean and Magnapoets (anthologies). She’s also a contributing poet for cycle 11 of DailyHaiku. Her poetry blog can be viewed here: http://thosethr3words.wordpress.com/

Amy enjoys writing poetry and is passionate about nature, animal welfare, conservation and bird-watching. She is becoming an accomplished photographer and artist, drawing and painting from her own images. She is also a talented dancer and is a former regional under 12 champion in Latin American, but is now an accomplished hiphop and breakdancer! Amy’s Flickr site where she posts her art, photography and videos, can be accessed here:


Claire and Amy have collaborated in writing two tanka sets recently and have decided to keep a Japanese short form poetry journal (haiku, tanka, gogyohka) throughout the year of 2011, responding to moments as and when they appear and to each other’s words. They hope this will be an interest to others as well as being an enjoyable, rewarding and reflective journey for Mum and daughter!

Throughout the journal, to minimise tags and ensure a smooth reading experience, all poems written by Claire will be in plain text and all poems by Amy will be italicised.

So, here goes……


6 Responses to About

  1. well hello to claire and amy i have just found you via twitter havent come across your blog at word press which seems strange as i write poetry on their. but i will be back to read more of your work iam kevin if you fancy reading my poetry iam 4valentines4words4poetryforyou.com on wordpress i too live in uk iam now following you on twitter but will probably read your poems through word press have a nice day from kevin. your blog is lovely.

  2. Gordon says:

    As I can’t find the original post of your rune poem remix, I am putting my comment here in hopes you will see it.

    Word-wise Skald!
    Kvasir’d kennings cloaked in flowering flowing fires

    May Gladness of cup, gladness of hearth, gladness of star-turnings embrace you!


  3. Edjo Frank says:

    Hello Amy and Claire,
    What an awful good idea to start this cooperative project.
    I wish both of you a lot of inspiration and joy in writing for this weblog and I am sure the water will be full of sparkling ideas and poetical creations.
    I hope to visit here regularly to swim in your water wanderings.
    And do not forget to invite me and all those other potential interested readers in the social networks / twitter no and then.

    • claireamy says:

      Thanks Edjo, for your support and lovely comments. We aim to blog our poems at the end of each week and will certainly tweet when we do. Thanks for sharing our 2011 journey! Claire & Amy

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