January – week 1

New Year’s Day

a squirrel turns over

another brown leaf . . .

the unexpected treasure

in an everyday moment


a feeling

that this year

will be special . . .

the lilac

is already in bud


from a droplet

world within a world

you filled me . . .

I brought you home

to lilacs in full bloom


the sound of my breath~

a streak of electric blue

skims the water


a breath of fresh air

through the January blues…



January dusk

a hint of spring

in the robin’s song



inside the chrysalis

the blueprint of spring…

on the brink of womanhood

the jewel colours of your heart


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4 Responses to January – week 1

  1. Chen-ou Liu says:

    Claire and Amy:

    These are beautifully crafted poems, and I particularly like “a feeling,” and ” from a droplet.”

    Look forward to reading more of your poems.


    • claireamy says:

      Chen-ou Liu, thank you so much for your wonderful and encouraging comments. It is a pleasure -and honour- to know that you will be watching this little journey unfold.


  2. Amy and Claire – your new blog is a treat! Looking forward to following your posts…

    • claireamy says:

      Thank you so much, Liam! It’s so lovely that you dropped by 🙂 We aim to post at the end of each week and see where the muse has taken us. So rewarding to have your support.

      Claire and Amy

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